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Taian City, Yuanyang Pump Machinery Factory  was founded in 1987, mainly for domestic dredging companies design and produce sand pump, complete product specifications, excellent performance, reliable operation. Its design, development and production capacity tops the industry leader, with strong market competitiveness and good corporate integrity, has been awarded "AAA" level credit units. In the same industry to pass the GB/T9000-ISO9000 quality management system certification, to ensure a reliable and stable product quality.
    Product is suitable for inland river dredging, coastal embankment made to, and coal, mining, power plants and other enterprises conveying slurry containing solid particles, etc., transmission medium concentrations of up to 40%, medium particles up to 180 mm. In recent years, the Yellow River, the Three Gorges Project, the Shanghai Yangshan, Tianjin Tanggu, etc. Caofeidian machine is widely used in pumping sand silt, sand and blowing pressurized land Relay for long distance transportation of mud. By a large hydraulic fill in the domestic engineering, hydraulic engineering used to achieve the desired results, the user response is good.
    The main products are: a variety of wear-resistant slurry pump, gravel pump, relay pump, sand pump, submersible sand pump, red suction dredgers, pumping sand, mud pump units, ancillary products dredgers, dredging dredging special hose, floating, etc., are widely used in river dredging, dredging, land reclamation, gravel, sand, sand mining, river dam reservoir to detect maintenance.
I plant serving 150 employees, including 33 technicians, 8 technicians, three engineers, management experts 1. Factory since its inception, the spirit of "genuine Li Shi, Houde Evergreen" business philosophy, a step by step, to stabilize the development, product quality and service levels in the forefront of the industry, has a good reputation in the industry. I believe that with our quality products, perfect service, good reputation, will be to establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation and get your favor!
    Enterprise goals: to do the fine professionals, stronger and bigger, based on the domestic, to develop international
    Business philosophy: genuine Li Shi, Houde Evergreen
    Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurial innovation, the pursuit of excellence

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