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The main working principle of centrifugal

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(1) The impeller is shaft driven rotation of the fluid between the blades acting in the fluid by centrifugal force, the center was thrown by the impeller periphery. When the fluid reaches the impeller periphery, the flow rate is very high. 3 t + t: Q + k1 \ 9 i + z. b4 Y "b0 j
(2) pump shell collection was thrown out from between the leaves of the liquid, the liquid in the shell-shaped channel along the spiral direction of flow gradually expand, so that the fluid kinetic energy into static pressure energy, reduce energy loss. Therefore, the role of the pump housing is not only bringing together the liquid, it is an energy conversion device.
. @] 7 L;]; L% E6 u (3) liquid smoke on the principle: to rely on high-speed rotating impeller to force the liquid center of the impeller at high speed be set aside, which the impeller center to form low-voltage, low slot Therefore, the liquid is continuously sucked on. . C9 _1 V2 e 'd (i' N
Gas tied to the phenomenon: If the pump before starting the shell is filled with gas, the gas starts impeller center can not be left in the area to form a large enough vacuum, so that the liquid tank can not be sucked on. This phenomenon is called gas tied. (The first chapter by a example to illustrate analogy). 8 Q (I7 j4 @ 'R' q: B: R] 5 B
Tied to prevent the occurrence of gas, before starting to use the external pump will pump the liquid filled shell space. This step is called priming. To prevent the liquid poured into the pump housing by gravity into the low slot, the entrance to the pump suction pipe with non-return valve (bottom valve); If the pump is lower than the tank liquid level, the need to start filling pump. ; L; i9 ^ 3 F; E6 c (t # C. t
(4) impeller wheel peripheral installation guide, so that the liquid inside the pump energy conversion efficiency. Guide wheel is located in the periphery of the impeller blades with a fixed ring. This is the direction of the bending blade impeller blades curved in the opposite direction, the bending angle coincides with the direction of liquid outflow from the impeller adapted to guide the fluid within the pump housing channel change direction smoothly, so that the minimum energy loss, can be converted to dynamic pressure static energy efficient. , J6 J + `; _-h-s /}. I
(5) remove the rear cover plate of the axial thrust balance holes. Leave the liquid pressure around the impeller has a higher, some will soak into the impeller back cover, and impeller front entrance of low pressure liquid, resulting in the impeller into the pump inlet side of the axial thrust. This is likely to cause contact with the impeller and the pump casing at the wear and tear, will produce severe vibrations. Balance hole so that part of the high-pressure liquid leaked into the area of ​​low pressure, reduce the pressure difference before and after the impeller. However, this effect thus also reducing the efficiency of the pump.
% \: {3 ^ $ @) F1 E (6) centrifugal seal device to ensure normal and efficient operation. Pump shaft rotation in the shell is to not move, during which the annular seal or if not sealed well, the outside air into the center area of ​​low pressure impeller, the pump flow, reduced efficiency. Severe flow is zero - gas tied. Usually, you can use mechanical seal or packing to achieve the seal between the shaft and shell.
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The main working principle of cent...

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