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Sand pump installation and use of attention

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Sand pump in addition to the main impeller, the other at the bottom of a mixing impeller, can precipitate in slag and spray water and solid particles in liquid. Make the pump without auxiliary device case can achieve a high concentration transportation. Unique sealing device can effectively balance the oil pressure between the inside and outside, the mechanical seal at both ends of the pressure balance, the maximum guarantee the mechanical seal is reliable in operation, greatly prolongs the service life of the motor, according to user requirements increase inlet detection, overheating and other protective device, so that products can be in bad working conditions of long-term safety operation.
A sand pump. The installation and use of attention
1 before the start should carefully check the electric pump in the transport, storage, installation process without deformation or damage, the fastener is not loosening or shedding;
2 check the cable with or without damage, fracture and other phenomena, such as damage, need to be replaced to avoid leakage;
3 check the power device is safe and reliable, rated voltage and nameplate must match;
4 use megohmmeter check motor stator winding cold insulation resistance against ground value shall not be less than 50M;
5 prohibit the use of pump installation and cable as a lifting rope, to avoid danger;
The 6 pump rotation direction from the inlet to the anti-clockwise rotation, if reversal, shall cable in any two lines swap connection position, the water pump can turn;
7 pump should be vertical dive into the water, not allowed to traverse, cannot get into the sludge pump, mobile, the power must be cut off;
8 electric pump used for many times, must put water in running a few minutes, to prevent pump leaving deposits, guarantees the electric pump cleaning;
9 electric pump without pump, should be removed from the water, to reduce the motor stator winding damp opportunities, increase the service life of electric pump;
10 under normal operating conditions, electric pump to work after a year, should undertake the maintenance, replacement of worn parts, check fastening state, to supplement or replace the bearing grease and oil chamber of the insulating oil, ensure electric pump well.
Two. The use condition of sand pump
1 units in medium position is vertical, the upper suspension positioning;
2 medium temperature not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius, non-flammable and explosive gas;
3 solid medium a maximum weight concentration of ash slag: 45%, 60%;
Unit 4: diving depth is less than 20 meters, the minimum depth to submerged motor;
The 5 power source for 50Hz / 380V three-phase AC power supply, distribution transformer capacity is 2-3 times the motor rated capacity.


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