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Discussion on slurry pump safe operation and matters needing attention

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Tai'an Kun mountain mud pump for you about mud pump safe operation and matters needing attention
One, the pump must be installed in a solid foundation frame or foundation, should not be loosen.
In two, before starting to check:
1 the connecting parts to the fastening;
2 electric rotary direction should correctly;
The 3 clutch is flexible and reliable;
4 line connection is firm, reliable sealing, at the end of a flexible and effective.
In three, before starting, suction pipe, valve, pump body must be filled with water, the pressure gauge buffer is filled with oil.
In four, turned by hand, so that the piston reciprocating two times, without obstruction and line good insulation shall be no-load starting, starting, then gradually increase the load to be in normal operation.
Five, in the operation should pay attention to the seal sealing condition, adjust it if necessary. Pull rod and a side rod always oiler lube.
In six, operation of the slurry sediment often test shall not exceed 10%.
Seven, there are several speed pump to make a splash lubrication reliable, should be in each shift operation, several speed operation, time shall not be less than 30 seconds.
Eight, is strictly prohibited in the operation speed, desired speed should stop the pump gear.
In nine, operation of the abnormal sound or water is heavy, pressure is not normal or obviously high temperature should stop the pump check.
In ten, under normal circumstances should be in the no-load pump stopping. Pump stopping time is long, must be completely open water holes, and loosen the cylinder head, lift valve drain bar, put the pump body and the pipeline as all the mud and sand.
In eleven, long-term disabled, should be thoroughly cleaned the mud and sand, grease, lubricating oil in the crankcase drain, and take anti-rust, anti-corrosion measures.


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