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Pump power margin factor

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In general, we will be rated by a point of shaft power factor to determine the size of the motor, this factor is called the power margin in the coefficient of this factor is rated conditions, the original motive power and the ratio of the number of shaft power. Is the design points of the power and the relationship between the prime mover power factor. This coefficient is no uniform national standards requirements, different standards have different requirements pump. In many standards, the interpretation of this coefficient is very vague, the most clear is GB / T 5657 "centrifugal technical conditions ???" 4.2 bar explained: "If the prime mover of the rated output power has been given to meet the installation impeller diameter, in any operating conditions of power demand, you do not need to stay an extra cushion "
How to understand? Personally, I think: The scope of work in the pump, the maximum shaft power less than or equal to the prime mover power. Generally low specific speed pump shaft power curve is upward, the flow point of maximum shaft power, the large flow point of shaft power should be less than or equal to the prime mover power.
It should be noted that, in the final power to determine the prime mover should be considered: transmission coefficient (for direct-drive coupling such as a pump, belt and other drive is greater than 1), temperature, altitude and other factors caused by motor power down and multiplied by a factor and so on.
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Pump power margin factor

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