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Multi-purpose mud pump

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DS Series Multipurpose gravel pump
Material: 26 chromium wear-resistant alloy
Characteristics: wear resistance, and absorption deep, long range transport
Uses: pumping sand, mud pumping
DS series slurry pumps are Horizontal, centrifugal, one stage, single casing slurry pump.It can be divided into 4 ", 6 ", 8 ", 10 ", 12 ", 14 ", 16 ", 18 ", 20 " and so on. The kind of pump has innovation in the design of structure and hydraulic. Flow components are made of abrasion resistant high-chromium alloy, with characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, wear-resisting, reliable running etc. They are Suitable for conveying strong erosion slurry, slag, grout contained solid particles???The mixturing concentration of solid and liquid  can reach 60%. It is an ideal equipment of pumping and transporting sand. According to actual working condition , Users can adopt stand-alone or multi-machine series connection way to construct for a long distance. It is Widely used in pumping sand, land reclamation, electric coal ash conveying, conveying tailings in metallurgy industry, etc
DS Series features multi-purpose pumping sand pump structure
1.Multi-purpose slurry pump, high efficiency and energy saving.
2.Horizontal, centrifugal, one stage, single casing slurry pump.
3.DS series slurry pumps have distinctive innovation in hydraulic design and structural design.
4. Wear resistant wet parts: The wet parts are made of hard metal (Chrome alloy).
5.It???s suitable for conveying mortar,slag which are strong corrosive and with solid granules.
6. Long bearing life: The bearing assembly is with large diameter shaft and short overhang.
7. Good NPSH performance.
8.It is widely used in extracting sand, marine reclamation land,power plant,mining.
9.Easy maintenance.

DS Series Multipurpose gravel pump configuration parameters

DS Series Multipurpose gravel pump instructions
1???start: Before starting , you should examine the entire unit by the following steps:
(1)Pump should be laid on the strong basis to bear the full weight of the pump, eliminate shaking and tighten all foundation bolt.
(2)The pipe valves should have the carriage. The location of flange has the seal point, connecting bolt can't be too tight, or it can damage sealing points.
(3)You should rotate axis in accordance with the direction of rotating pump. Stop grinding when axis is rotating, or you should adjust the impeller clearance.
(4)Check the swerve of motor to make the pump rotate by the direction of scaled arrow. Stop inversion.
(5)Pump shaft and the motor shaft should be precise in centering when it rotates in the way of Direct-Connect. The pump shaft and motor shaft should be parallel when Belt is rotating, and adjust the positions of scored pulley to make it and groove vertical and prevent severe vibration and wear.
(6)Shaft seal checked: check the water yield of shaft seal, water pressure is appropriate or not, adjust the packing gland to compress screw to  adjust tightness of packing. Adjust shaft seal water, it is good to trickle from the place of  packing gland. If Packing is too tight ,then it can  cause shaft sleeve fever. If Packing is too loose, then liquid leakage is too big. Shaft seal water pressure is generally higher than the pump outlet pressure 35 KPa, Shaft seal water is generally between 0.15 L/S and 2.1 L/S. The pump Equipped with mechanical seal needs to be connected with  shaft seal water before opening.
2. operate:
(1) You should inspect pressure and flow of shaft seal water on time, adjust packing gland or change filler to ensure that there is always a small amount of clean water going through the shaft.
(2) Check the working condition of the bearing parts on time, you need to pour 20# or 30# lubricating oil to shaft body, lubricating oil of Bearing should be appropriate, clean. You should add or change lubricating oil on time.
(3) Properties of impeller and guard board is : the clearance is more , efficiency is lower. So you should adjust the impeller forward in order to keep a certain gap that the pump can keep operate in high efficiency. When the pump can not meet the system needs, you should  replace  parts,  overhauling pump on time, estimate the lifetime of  vulnerable parts in order to avoid  severe consequences.
3. pause pump: before stoping  pump,you  should  make pump suct clean water for a while as far as possible to clean slurry of  pump, and then shut down, strobe,  shaft seal water and the cooling water of  bearing body in turn.
DS Series Multipurpose gravel pump maintenance
1.Shaft seal maintenance:(1)check seal water pressure and water volume periodically,keep a little clean water flow through along the shaft.(2)adjust the gland packing regularly.(3)water pressure and water volume of shaft seal Should comply with the above (shaft seal check) requirements.(4)For pump equipped with mechanical seal, mechanical seal components should be filling full of N46 machine oil.
2.Impeller adjustment:(1)adjust the space between impeller and former guardboard timely for high efficiency of the pump
check the impeller turns is normal or not.(2)check again if the impeller turn normally when restart the pump after the adjustment.
3.bearing lubrication:(1)right assemble, suitable lubricating oil and timely maintenance.(2)check  bearing components periodically and
add lubricating oil timely and reasonably.
4.jury pump:turn the axis 1/4 circle every week.

DS Series Multipurpose gravel pump units connected and construction site plans

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